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3 ATV Safety Tips
February 15, 2023

3 ATV Safety Tips

Do you live for those days when you get to head out into the sticks for some off-roading fun on your ATV? Tearing it up in the mud can be a very satisfying way to spend an afternoon. However, as with any motor vehicle, safety must be a consideration to ensure that your fun outing doesn’t turn into a trip to the hospital.  
Atv driving through mud
Here are three safety tips to keep in mind so you can enjoy ATVing for years to come:

Wear safety gear: The nature of ATVs, much like motorcycles, makes it much more likely for you to become injured than when driving a car. It’s crucial that you wear a helmet to protect your head in case of a fall. It’s also recommended that you wear long pants, boots with thick soles and gloves. You may also want goggles if your helmet doesn’t have a visor. 

Ride sober: You already know that drinking alcohol and/or taking drugs impairs your reaction time and skews your judgment. You should always operate motor vehicles while sober, especially when riding an ATV near trees that you can easily crash into.  

Use ATVs as intended: ATVs are engineered for off-roading, which means that they don’t handle as well as other vehicles on pavement. Drive in the dirt and grass as much as possible, limiting pavement to when you cross the street. Additionally, riders should never overload the capacity of ATVs and children should only be allowed to drive child-sized vehicles (with supervision). 

Ride with safety in mind: ATVs are recreational vehicles, and they don’t provide the same safety features as other vehicles. Therefore, it’s imperative that all operators use them responsibly, and never take extra risks that could clearly put them in harm’s way. You must treat this vehicle as responsibly as you treat any other vehicle. 

Take a safety course: Because your ATV is a high-risk vehicle, you should do what you need to do to feel comfortable operating the vehicle. Many riders can enroll in ATV safety and training courses. They will teach you not only how to ride with care, but also how to service and maintain the ATV in ways that will make it consistently reliable. 

For even more protection, talk to your independent insurance agent about ATV insurance. While coverage won’t prevent accidents from occurring, it can help pay the resulting medical and repair bills that might arise. Therefore, you’ll be able to move on from ATV accidents without a huge financial burden. 

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