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5 Biggest Safety Risks for Motorcycle Riders
February 24, 2022

5 Biggest Safety Risks for Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycle riders face a number of risks every time they strap on their helmets and hit the road. The problem is, some of these accidents are not preventable. That can lead to long-term risks and numerous situations in which you face financial loss. Motorcycle insurance is there to help you. It provides the financial protection you need to avoid loss in a covered incident. However, it is also important to be aware of the risks you face and to take any steps possible to reduce them. 
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#1: Cars Turning Left in Front of You 
It is the most common accident for motorcycle riders. A car fails to see the motorcycle rider to their side. Or, the rider’s speed is not properly considered. They turn left in front of you and you may get in a life threatening situation. There are plenty of reasons this can happen, and little you can do to prevent it, but being a distracted driver yourself worsens this risk. 

#2: Gravel on the Blind Corner 
Another common risk occurs when you hit gravel when making a turn at a blind corner. You may find yourself unaware of what’s under your bike after turning the corner. This is when you have limited ability to prepare yourself and, as a result, you may find yourself falling. Grass, gravel, sand or other roadway materials like this can be a big risk. 

#3: Turning Corners Too Fast 

This is a type of motorcycle error that you can avoid. Turning a corner too fast does not provide enough time and ability for your bike to catch up and you end up getting hurt in the process. Slow down at all turns to avoid this risk. 

#4: Changing Lanes 
Cars change lanes a great deal, as do motorcycle riders. However, cars are less likely to see you as they are changing lanes, creating a potential risk for riders. Be aware of this risk and keep your distance, especially on freeways. 

#5: You’re Hit from Behind 
Whatever the reason, cars often hit motorcycles from behind. Depending on the speed, this can be very dangerous. You’ll want to take every step you can to remain visible to avoid this risk. 

Motorcycle insurance is there to help with the damage from many of these risks. Being a safe rider, though, can be vitally important to you. 

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