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5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer
January 12, 2023

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Home safety is important to many people, particularly families. But did you know that taking steps to make your home safer not only gives you peace of mind, but can also result in homeowners insurance savings? A safer home minimizes the risk of a covered event and many insurers will reward your dedication to security. Get started with these five home safety tips:a car parked in front of a house

1.      Lock up: Most intruders enter homes unannounced through open doors or windows. Lock up every time you leave home and go to sleep. For additional security, install dead bolts on exterior doors and place a thick wooden rod into the track of sliding glass doors.

2.      Set the alarm: Install a security alarm from a company that offers around-the-clock monitoring. Such companies will call the authorities if they detect a break in or any other suspicious activity. Some security alarms can even detect the presence of carbon monoxide for added protection. If these services are too pricey for your budget, place a dummy security company sign in your yard to trick thieves into thinking your home is protected by such a system.

3.      Light it up: Most thieves prefer to select a target that is poorly lit so they can slip in and out with less of a chance of being seen. Install motion-sensor lighting around the exterior of your home. If a thief trips the sensor and the lights suddenly flood the area, it could be enough to scare the criminal away.

4.      Fire safety: If you haven’t already, install smoke detectors in every room. The chirp that signifies a low battery isn’t always reliable, so manually check the batteries every three to six months. It’s also a good idea to place a fire extinguisher on each level of your home, along with one in the kitchen (this is where most home fires ignite). Ensure that everyone knows how to properly operate them.

5.      Hide your keys: Many thieves break into homes for the sole purpose of stealing car keys, which then allows them to drive your car away in a matter of seconds. Hide your car keys from plain sight, particularly if they’re visible from a window.

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